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The Easiest Way to set up your classroom library

In this week's episode of The Morning Meeting Podcast, I shared my 3-Part Framework For Creating a Classroom Library. Welcome to O.O.C.

  1. Ownership

  2. Organization

  3. Community

Readers and listeners of The Morning Meeting Podcast Community know that I am adamant in my belief that students will be engaged IF they are encouraged to bring their voices forward and choose, within reason, their classroom experience. The grand opening of our classroom libraries offers an opportunity to put this theory into practice.

Ownership: Allowing students to categorize the library promotes problem-solving skills and introduces patterns and themes- a skill crucial for testing. Like allowing students to decorate their classrooms, they are encouraged to take even more ownership of their learning.

Organization: You may be concerned about keeping your classroom library organized during this process. I suggest that educators make the BIG decisions, for example, whether they will presort the books or allow students to sort and identify themes. (Tip: for younger students, I would presort the books according to the subject matter/category)

Community: Relationships are a vital component in a healthy learning environment. Building our classroom library is another opportunity for students to work together on a project. Our learners build trust in themselves and others when we allow them to work in small groups to achieve BIG goals!

The benefits of creating your classroom library WITH your students versus FOR your students are vast. In addition to unlocking the joy of reading and improved skills, our libraries introduce students to diversity and further build our classroom community.

Remember, you can also now WATCH the podcast.

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