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One of my favorite professional activities is consulting with schools and districts. The heart of my work is building relationships... with administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Working together, we will celebrate successes and strategize ways to lift teaching and learning. After assessing needs, strengths, and challenges, I will work with you to create specific goals for your organization.


Working with educators, in their own schools and classrooms is high leverage and allows me to be responsive to needs in the moment. I have worked with districts, specific schools, and grade level teams.


  • SINGLE OR MULTIPLE DAY - offers opportunities for in depth and/or on-going learning in a single day or across multiple days.  Whole staff or organized by small groups such as grade spans, grade level teams, etc.

  • FULL OR HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS - provides time for larger groups to learn and work together.  Whole staff or organized by small groups such as grade level teams, mixed grade levels, PLCs, departments, or cohorts. 

  • COACHING LABS & LEARNING LABS - gives teachers, coaches, and administrators an opportunity to learn alongside one another through observation and debriefing protocols. 

  • CO-TEACHING - provides opportunities to demonstrate instructional practices, share teaching strategies, examine classroom structures in action, and work with staff and students.


Let's work together to create programming to meet your needs. Use the form below to reach out. Right now, I'm only booking virtual work.

What They're Saying

  • "I appreciate his big heart for children and his thoughtful suggestions and ways of teaching."

  • "I loved the emphasis on VOICE and CHOICE and PLAY!"

  • "Thank you for all the ideas! I like all the real-life examples. They were simple and easy ideas I feel comfortable implementing."

  • "You got me excited about going back to school!"

  • "Thanks for being real and giving research and real-life examples. I liked the breakout sessions, I learn a lot from others!"

  • "Matt was very educational while friendly for the sake of our students that we adore. I loved having handouts, visuals, and anchor charts for the sake of teaching writing and involvement."




Thanks for submitting!

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