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Early Education
Early Education


Hello, I'm Matt Halpern and I'm a passionate educator. With almost twenty years experience, I can bring expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to your school, district, or conference.


All my life I have found myself flowing into things... As new opportunities to expand and grow have come up, I have flowed into them.


I flowed into teaching. After starting my career in the business field, the events of September 11, 2001 shook me to my core and had me reevaluating my entire life. I quickly quit my corporate job and went back to school for teaching, something I'd regretted not doing earlier. Twenty some years later and I find myself as an early childhood aficionado. I've taught kindergarten, first and second grades, and was also a literacy coach for a few years. Building relationships is the foundation of my work, both with children and adults. I am a fierce advocate for social justice and equity in all classrooms.


I flowed into writing. When after a few years of teaching second grade I was moved to kindergarten, I found myself overflowing with anecdotes and stories. As I began sharing them with others, my dear friend Maggie suggested I start blogging. Me? A writer? They say write what you know and this was the perfect jumping off point. My blog, Look at My Happy Rainbow, along with the accompanying book led me to proudly call myself a writer. My first professional book, A Teacher's Guide to Interactive Writing, is coming soon from Heinemann.


I flowed into presenting. The blog found an audience and I was approached in 2015 to present. Me? A presenter? Who wants to hear from me? I discovered the joy of sharing my passion for education with others and my presenting career began.


I flowed into consulting. You probably guessed where this is going. Presenting led to consulting. In addition to sharing my ideas at conferences, consulting allows me to go into schools and classrooms and work directly with teachers. Guest teaching, coaching, planning - I bring my energy and love for students and learning to my consulting clients and form solid relationships to help us learn and grow together.

Thank you for checking out my site and learning a little more about me. I'd love to connect. You can join my mailing list or connect via social media below.

Early Education
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