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Talking about sensitive topics in the classroom

Several teachers encounter many challenges in their classrooms, especially when it comes to littles. Dealing with young children needs a lot of care and understanding.

My podcast is based on early education, and it is meant to motivate earlier educators. My name is Matt, and in our morning podcast meeting, we are joined by an experienced earlier education teacher, Willy. Even though he is only twenty-seven years old, it might sound funny that he has been in the preschool education industry for twelve years. He began offering his services when he was very young as a volunteer in public and private places for kids.

One of the things making him unique is that he is not afraid of talking about any topic with his students. He talks about gender, race, and LGBTQIA+ topics. Willy knows that kids need to learn about all these since they come into classrooms already experiencing race and gender.

Some teachers have a problem addressing specific issues because they think they might sound inappropriate. Willy advises the following in case a problem arises:


Trust me; if you read every book in the world, you will be able to solve every problem there is on Earth. We can learn a lot from books. Find specific books, and you will surely solve a particular problem. You will gain courage, and kids will love the experience.

Someone you can depend on

No person is an island. We all have that one colleague who comes to our aid when we are stuck. If you don't have one, find them, be open to them and share your challenges, they might help you instantly or find the solution and help you later. Someone you depend on doesn't have to be physically present; sometimes, social media works miracles. You can find a counselor online, befriend them and share with them when needed.

Children's self-awareness

If you have an issue with approaching a particular subject, engaging kids to an intense level is good. Let them understand who they are, and make it as simple as if you are having fun. When kids enjoy it, they will learn better. The use of songs and stories usually engages children to a greater level and increases their attentiveness.

Every field has its challenges, whether you are a pro or an amateur. Willy admits that part of his fear starting was a setback. He was scared of what his family or even friends would say. What kept him moving was that since childhood, his dream was always to become a teacher. So he chose to push on first by volunteering at an early age.

Making mistakes is a common thing. Children always learn better and love you more if you return the following day and tell them that you made a mistake. Take them on your journey of learning and you'll not only be teaching them about the world around them but modeling how to be a lifelong learner.

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