Shared Reading 101

Shared reading is one of my favorite activities to do in the classroom. It is also one of the surest ways to help young children 'up and reading' quickly.

What IS Shared Reading?

  • The teacher guides the class (or small group) through a text at or slightly above the majority of the class' level

  • Using a document camera, the teacher does the heavy lifting while encouraging the class to join in. A document camera allows you to utilize your entire leveled text library and more importantly, the books kids will be reading independently.

  • Over the course of multiple reads, the teacher's voice gets quieter as the children read more/louder

Why do Shared Reading?

  • A quick warm-up before independent reading

  • Highly engaging and scaffolded tool to have children practice skills taught during lessons

  • Easy transfer to independent reading - quite simply, you are modeling and having students try skills and strategies with you before asking them to do it on their own

When does Shared Reading happen?

  • Can be done anytime during the day