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MORE Tips for Helping Students with ADHD

In this week's podcast episode, I shared what might be an unpopular opinion regarding tips on creating a positive classroom experience for learners with ADHD, and that is

"Fair Isn't Always Equal". I live with ADHD. Therefore, I have a front-row seat and a lot of compassion for students who also have it. I too deal with internal and external distractions. I can only imagine what this is like for our elementary students! As educators, how do we create an even playing field that builds relationships, gives our students voice and choice over their education while remaining empathetic to the needs of ADHD learners? Read along as I share my tips on how to encourage children with ADHD.

Building Relationships

  • Children with ADHD tend to be talkative and curious, provide praise and feedback when you see them exploring a new way of doing things or making a concentrated effort.

  • Encourage peer-to-peer support by allowing other students to assist their classmates with tasks, getting organized, etc.

  • When possible, provide extra duties to keep their bodies moving and minds engaged.

Voice and Choice for ADHD Students:

  • Standing, Fidgeting, o Pacing is what some students need to do to stay engaged, which we are aiming for. It is untrue that students with ADHD can't concentrate or focus. Many use standing or rocking to help concentrate.

  • Remember, look for opportunities to give students options. Many students with ADHD are capable of staying focused if the activity interests them (although not all).

Being Empathetic To The Needs Of Children With ADHD

  • When possible, break tasks into smaller actionable tasks

  • Take a moment to remember yourself at their age and try giving your student what you needed.

  • Remember, a genuine smile and a kind word can go a long way.

I hope these tips help you. For more information, check out the podcast or video. There are more resources and tips. Also, be sure to visit my first post about ADHD for a free resource you can download.

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