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Hello, it's me!

Well, hello there! I wanted to write a post to update (old and new) friends. After almost twenty years as a classroom teacher (with a slight detour as a literacy coach), I decided to try my hand at presenting/consulting/writing... FULL TIME.

I have loved my time at conferences and consulting with schools, but trying to juggle being a full-time classroom teacher and all of it became nearly impossible. I found myself having to say 'no' more than I wanted, and after teaching remotely, hybrid, and in-person for over a year, I decided this is the perfect time to take this leap of faith.

I hope to work with educators to inject enthusiasm, joy, and even some research based strategies into their practices. I'm also opening up my schedule to a limited number of tutoring clients, so check out the WORK WITH ME tab for more information on all my services.

Additionally, I'm going to have time for all the other 'stuff' I've been ruminating on for years... a podcast, a YouTube channel, and some other surprises are coming soon!

The bottom line, I love kids. My hope is to continue to make education spaces the best, most uplifting places for children everywhere. Thanks for following along!

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