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Handwriting with Emily Hayes

I am so happy to be entering this new phase of The Morning Meeting Podcast- introducing my listeners to other incredible Early Childhood Educators! I am inspired every day by educators who are making a difference in the lives of young learners, like this week's guest, Emily Hayes.

Emily is a fun-loving kindergarten teacher and the face behind Clap Into Kindergarten, a virtual training aimed at helping learners with writing stamina. In this week's episode, we discuss the importance of handwriting, her love for teaching, and how she is balancing work with her home life. I even learned a few things about writing - tune in to hear what they were!

In honor of my interview with Emily, I want to share three benefits of focusing on good penmanship with my listeners and encourage you to check out Emily's virtual training!

Handwriting introduces phonics naturally.

When students are learning how to write letters, it is natural that we start with the alphabet and move on to combining letter sounds into words. This natural introduction helps early learners prepare for reading by allowing them to match the letters they are writing with sounds. In the podcast episode about the Science of Reading, we dive more into this subject.

Writing helps with memory and focus.

There is a reason why many people still love physical journaling and notepads - the act of writing something helps us remember and recall appointments, dates, and times. Writing is also a valuable tool for our children to remember what they are learning each day. As children write, multiple senses are activated, which also improves focus.

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills are measured by doctors, teachers, and even parents as early as two months because this skill is essential to everyday life. Life skills such as tying their shoes, opening doors, and eventually preparing their meals depend on fine motor skills. Writing improves fine motor skills as children are taught to hold writing instruments, apply pressure to write, and control notebooks and paper.

Tune in to hear Emily's interview and learn more about the Importance of Handwriting!


For More Information On Emily's Training - Check out her Instagram Page Clap Into Kindergarten

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